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With Hajj just around the corner, I compiled a list of things useful for women to pack, based on my experience last year. I hope it helps! 


  • Paracetamol/Panadol (or any other pain relief medication)
  • Immodium (or any other anti-diarrhea medication)
  • Antihistamine
  • Norethisterone 5mg tablets to keep period at bay: my GP recommended this as the best option. Worked a blast for me without any side effects. Also worked for my room mate who started her period unexpectedly and so it stopped her bleeding. Needless to say, check with your GP first.
  • Antibiotics Ezithromicine: someone recommended I take this at the first sign of a sore throat, which I did and was fine during the entire Hajj period- and managed to avoid the infamous Haji cough. Again, please consult your doctor before taking these.
  • Blister plasters
  • Eye drops for dry eyes
  • Dioralyte sachets for rehydration: very important, especially on the day of Eid when you walk around 20 miles in one day.
  • Soluble vitamin C: shake into your water bottle for an extra boost.


  • Bathroom slippers
  • Easy to walk in slip-on shoes (like Crocs) for the majority of the time. I wasn’t a fan of Crocs, but ended up doing my entire Hajj in them upon my teacher’s recommendation and they were fantastic!
  • Trainers for longer walks or for visiting the Cave of Hira
  • Cotton socks
  • Slipper-socks to put on in the Haram: these make Tawaf and Sa’i incredibly easier on the feet.

Ihram Essentials

  • Pocket fan with water spray (Pound Shop does really good ones!)
  • Small torch (torch on phone will also do)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Socket adaptor
  • Phone and charger (I took with an old phone to use with the local Sim card so that I didn’t have to carry my smart phone around with me).
  • Small pair of scissors (for when you need to cut your hair after Umrah/ Hajj-otherwise you will end up asking around for some).
  • Miswak: I thought it best to avoid toothpaste as there is a difference of opinion whether one can use it in ihram. I managed perfectly fine with just a miswak.
  • Travel towel
  • Unscented soap (I used Simple) and soap container: when you are in the state of ihram be very careful at your hotel – hotel bathrooms DO NOT have ihram friendly soap!
  • Unscented wipes (I used Water Wipes)
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer (I used Bentley Organic moisturizing hand sanitiser)
  • Travel tissues
  • Vaseline: if you don’t wear the right trousers under your abaya/dress/skirt, your thighs will definitely rub in the heat with all the walking you are required to do, so use Vaseline to protect yourself. Be sure to share with your menfolk, whose thighs are likely to rub inside their ihram. Feet and lips may also crack in the heat.
  • Unscented liners: I recommend Naty ones – Natracare ones disintegrate whilst in use.
  • Waterproof drawstring bag: ideal for keeping your clothes, soap and toothbrush on your back while you use the toilet in Mina. Toilets don’t always have hooks and the walls and floors are dirty; with the bag on your back there’s no fear of dropping anything.
  • Laundry soap powder: I kept some in a small freezer bag to use incase I needed to wash any clothes- and it was very useful!
  • Spare carrier bags
  • Shawl: AC on coaches and in hotels can be deadly
  • Mixed Nuts, energy bars and any other energy foods
  • Small pouch for pebbles: your Hajj group might provide this
  • Travel Qur’an and dua books
  • Personalised, pre-made dua list: so that you don’t forget anything or anyone on the day of Arafah. 


  • Abayas: wear one that is right for your  height- don’t wear anything that is too long and flowy which may cause someone to step on you. Long dresses work just as well. You could just wear a skirt and top if you prefer, but one pieces are easier to handle.
  • Hijabs
  • Cotton hijab hats: to wear under your hijab to keep it in place
  • Thin trousers to wear underneath: leggings are fine or cotton trousers – just make sure they separate your legs from the top so that your thighs are never in contact with one another to prevent chaffing.
  • Thin t-shirts to wear inside your abaya/dress/top: they will help absorb sweat and enable you to wear the same piece of clothing for longer.
  • Night clothes
  • Underwear: some people use disposable underwear, but washing it and leaving it  to dry is not a problem, as it dries fast in the heat. Or, alternatively, you could just bring enough underwear to last you for your whole stay!
  • Appropriate clothing to wear in the tents in Mina: I recommend thin long sleeve maxi dresses as you may be sharing a tent with over a hundred women with little privacy. It also means you are covered appropriately incase you need to go out to the bathroom.
Did we miss anything? Share your Hajj tips with us below! 
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