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In May, Sacred Footsteps turned 3 years old, but in my own head its far older than that! The whole concept, and the name were something that we came up with about 8 years ago, when I first started travelling regularly. It was never intended to be my own personal blog, but rather a platform for other travel writers and photographers whose focus was either spirituality or Islam. At that time, there was very little available for Muslim travellers in the way of travel advice and decent travel writing, especially for those wanting to find and visit lesser known sacred sites. There’s more available now, and I hope going forward, we can play an important part in that trend! We have a small but dedicated team of writers and photographers, as well as contributors who have helped make Sacred Footsteps what it is. If you get what we’re about and want to be a part of it in some way, get in touch! We would love to collaborate with like minded travellers/writers/photographers/ creatives, and build a meaningful platform for Muslim travellers!  ~ Zara Choudhary, Editor  

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