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hijab, sri lanka

News: Sacred Footsteps Turns 3!

Later this month, Sacred Footsteps will be 3 years old, but in my own head its far older than that! The whole concept, and the name were something that we came up with about 8 years ago, when I first started travelling regularly. It was never intended to be my own personal blog, but rather a platfor... Read More...

Spiritual Travel

"Journey forth from your own self, to God's self-voyage without end."

Gallery: #WirdWorld

"And He is with you wherever you are." Q:57:4 A Wird (pl. awrad) is a litany or set of prayer invocations that Muslims recite daily around ... Read More...

One Friday in Jerusalem

  Friday prayers were about to begin; our taxi driver sped through the ancient streets of Jerusalem, towards the Sacred Sanctuary of al-Aqsa... Read More...